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Expanded Gage R&R Studies in Minitab

Gage R&R studies can tell you if your measurement system is producing data you can trust, but rigid data requirements and other limitations can make Gage R&R studies difficult to conduct, and may not account for all important factors. The Expanded Gage R&R tool in Minitab Statistical Software makes these roadblocks a thing of the past. Patrick North, November 2010

DOE: Handling Hard-to-Change Factors with Split-Plot Designs in Minitab

Split-plot designs are experimental designs that include at least one hard-to-change factor that is difficult to completely randomize due to time or cost constraints. By making the creation of split-plot experiment designs simple, Minitab makes the benefits of this powerful statistical technique accessible to everyone. Eston Martz and Michelle Paret, October 2010.

Tough Fantasy Football Decision? Minitab Can Help!

Are you ready for some football? We’re going to show you some ways you can use Minitab Statistical Software to make those tough decisions about who to start and who to sit each week. You’ll see how Minitab can give you the edge you need over your fantasy football competition this season! Kevin Rudy, September 2010.

Advantages of Minitab's General Regression Tool

Regression isn’t new—but by making it easy to include continuous and categorical variables, specify interaction and polynomial terms, and transform response data with the Box-Cox transformation, Minitab’s General Regression tool makes the benefits of this powerful statistical technique easier for everyone. Eston Martz and Michelle Paret, Minitab News, September 2010

Running a Monte Carlo Simulation

This article explains how you can use Minitab Statistical Software to run a Monte Carlo Simulation, a method often used in Design For Six Sigma (DFSS). Bruno Scibilia, Minitab News, November 2009.

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