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Weather Forecasts: Just How Reliable Are They?

Given all of the factors that influence it, the weather is an undeniably complex process—and like any process, it can exhibit a lot of variation. However, if you’re going to make any big plans based on weather and you want to minimize the variation, the data we collected suggest it’s best to rely on the next-day forecast. Michelle Paret and Eston Martz, September 2011

Delve Deeper into Survey Data with Minitab: 2-Sample t-Tests, Proportion Tests, ANOVA and Regression

This article highlights more sophisticated techniques, including 2-sample t-tests, proportion tests, ANOVA and regression, to dig deeper into survey data. Eston Martz and Michelle Paret, Minitab News, March 2011

Analyzing Survey Data with Minitab: Frequency Distributions, Cross Tabulation and Hypothesis Testing

This article highlights several basic tools in Minitab Statistical Software that will help you interpret your survey data accurately. Eston Martz and Michelle Paret, Minitab News, February 2011

Minitab's Power and Sample Size Tools

Minitab Statistical Software’s Power and Sample Size tools can tell you how much data you need to be sure about your results. Eston Martz and Michelle Paret, Minitab News, January 2011

Minitab's Nonlinear Regression Tool

Nonlinear regression can describe complicated relationships between a response variable and predictor variables. Chemists, engineers, and scientists often need nonlinear regression to model complex functions, and Minitab Statistical Software can help you harness this powerful statistical technique. Eston Martz and Michelle Paret, Minitab News, December 2010

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