• Harness the power of Minitab Statistical Software and Quality Companion.

    Minitab trainers are seasoned statisticians with years of experience facing the same quality improvement challenges you do. They design our courses to help you meet them, and they deliver each session with an engaging style and great deal of personal attention.

    Every course includes plenty of opportunities to work through real-world scenarios that build your knowledge and confidence. In surveys, more than 98% of participants say they could apply the skills they learned to their job and would recommend our courses to their colleagues.

    Public Training

    Minitab offers public courses in Minitab Statistical Software and Quality Companion at many convenient locations throughout the world. Sessions are for beginning through advanced students, and we limit enrollment so our trainers have time to address your individual questions.

    Our public courses are also a great place to network with colleagues and share solutions.

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    Our global network of partners also offers public training in their country’s local language.

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    On-Site Training

    Bringing a trainer on-site is the most convenient and cost-effective way to develop the skills your teams need to improve processes. It eliminates travel time and allows the trainer to address your business-specific challenges.

    You can add value to your on-site training by scheduling additional time for our trainer to review your data and demonstrate how coursework applies to your projects.

    Our remote, on-site training is even more flexible and economical. It allows you to customize your schedule by offering sessions in four-hour increments over a series of days.

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    You can master statistics and refresh your knowledge anytime with Quality Trainer, our online statistics course.

    Quality Trainer uses vivid animation to make complex concepts easy to understand. Hands-on exercises walk you through applying statistics with Minitab Statistical Software, so you can put your knowledge to use immediately.

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  • Mentoring

    Get the specific statistical support you need, just when you need it. Hire a Minitab trainer and receive help by phone, e-mail or on-site.

    Mentoring by Minitab® begins with a free 30-minute session in which a trainer works with you to determine your needs. Services are then available for purchase in 10-hour Project Blocks or 100-hour Corporate Block increments.

    A dedicated mentor can help you:

    • Collect the right data.
    • Design effective experiments.
    • Perform intensive analyses and interpret the results.
    • Apply advanced statistical methods.
    • Create clear, easy-to-understand presentations.

    Please contact us by phone for more information.

    You can also email us and we will respond within two business days.